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Full Body Kettlebell Workout

Compare to dumbbells, a major advantage of kettlebells is that it won’t require users to do a wide range of weight increments just to create an entire workout schedule. The full-body kettlebell workout below only needs one kettlebell to exercise the entire body.
Beginner Exercises

Use the routine below to effectively burn fat and build muscle strength, as well as develop mobility and stability to gradually advance towards more complex exercises at a later time. Perform full-body kettlebell workouts as a circuit by completing a set in sequences without resting between routines. Click to learn more about full body kettlebell workout. After completing a whole circuit, rest for a maximum of two minutes before repeating for three total rounds.

Kettlebell Goblet Squat
Reps: 10
Firmly hold the kettlebell by the horns and carefully drive your shoulder blades together before moving them down so the check is open. Then, tuck the elbows in so the forearms are vertical. The feet should be wider compared to the hip-width measurement; the feet slightly turned out. Take a deep breath before twisting the feet on the ground and squat; imagine screwing the feet without really moving them. Don’t forget to keep the torso in an upright position and go as low as possible without tucking the tailbone under the butt.
Kettlebell One-Arm Row
Reps: 8 on each side
Put the kettlebell on the floor, then do a staggered stance with the help of the right foot in front. The foot has to be planted in a way that’s just outside the weight. Next, dig the ball of your other foot, the left, on the floor behind you. Once you get the stance right, bend the hips so the torso is angled to about 45 degrees to the floor. For support, place the right elbow on the right thigh as you reach for the kettlebell using the left hand. Don’t forget to square your shoulders and complete all reps on every side.
Kettlebell on One-Arm Press
Reps: 5 on each side

Holding the kettlebell, on one hand, stand firmly while keeping in at should level. The feet should be firmly rooted on the floor; imagine someone is trying to push you. Click here now to get more info. Take a deep breath and brace the glute and the abs. Press your weight overhead with a vertical forearm; take note that the chin has to be pulled back so there would be no trouble clearing the weight. Go back down to a position in order to lower the kettlebell; like you’re doing a pull-up.

Kettlebell Chest-Loaded Swing
Reps: 15
Feet should be between shoulder and hip-width apart while holding the kettlebell on its horns and pull the bottom part of the bell on the lower sternum. The shoulder blades should be drawn together and down while casting the eyes on a spot on the floor that’s around fifteen feet in front of you. Root your feet and take a deep breath before bending the hips back; imagine touching your butt to the wall. Maintain a long spine with the tailbone tilted up slightly and when you can really feel the hamstrings stretch, extend the hips and squeeze the glutes.

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